JLDG stores QCD ensembles/configurations publicly available to lattice field theory community. ILDG/JLDG VO (virtual organization) members can access to data in the framework of ILDG (see this page) or via the JLDG file system.

Archived configurations are formatted with the ILDG standard. Ensembles and configurations are marked-up based on the QCDml (latest schema are QCDmlEnsemble1.4.8 and QCDmlConfig1.3.1, respectively.) Follow this link to search ensembles/configurations through faceted navigation, where you can get XML files and list of LFN's (logical file name) of configurations. MC (Markov Chain) URI of ensemble and LFN's are named after simulation parameters. See the web page given for each dataset listed below. (The web page also explains for JLDG users where to find configurations.)

When you publish your research results based on these datasets, please cite the paper specified for each dataset, and if it is appropriate, acknowledge to the collaboration which has provided us with the dataset. The JLDG team would appreciate if you could mention the ILDG or the JLDG. Refernce to the ILDG is
        G. Beckett et al,, Comp. Phys. Comm. 182 (2011) 1208.
        "Building the International Lattice Data Grid",
and to the JLDG,
        T. Amagasa et al., J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 664 (2015) no.4, 042058
        "Sharing lattice QCD data over a widely distributed file system",

For technical support, please feel free to write to
        ildg-support [AT] jldg.org


We have six datasets of QCD ensembles/configurations.

Last update: 16 March 2020, T.Yoshie